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 Russian for Foreigners via Skype from Teacher and Writer

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Russian for foreigners via Skype from a teacher and Russian-speaking and English-speaking writer, whose native language is Russian.

Russian for work and business, for everyday life and communication for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, and for proficiency.

Russian to reach the levels defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for various purposes: Elementary, Basic, Intermediate (Level 1), Advanced (Level 2), Proficiency (Level 3), and Fluency (Level 4).

And this is the ad.

If you are a student, a university applicant, a businessperson or a human who wants to learn Russian for different purposes, including travelling, negotiations, living in the former Soviet Union, jobs in medicine, engineering, design, hotel business and catering, working for embassies and missions in the states of the ex-USSR, I will give you all necessary skills.

Before our lessons start, you take a test if you are not an absolute beginner, which I check for free, and we discuss a possible schedule, your aims, your communication skills, etc. at our lesson, for example, on Skype for 30-40 minutes without any prepayment.

A lesson includes different exercises, which combine attracting interest in the subject and development of language skills. The general program covers expanding students’ vocabulary, learning grammar, development of oral communication skills (monologues and dialogues), listening activities, and writing. I also teach Russian literature, Russian culture, Russian movies and Russian costume.

I supply students with modern textbooks of Russian, without extra payment, if they need them. The student starts speaking Russian at the first or second lesson.

My lessons are in Russian or in English and I use IDroo (a whiteboard for Skype), PowerPoint and Skype Share Screens at my lessons via Skype.

So, if you need a Russian teacher, I can help you with your aim. I am not only an experienced teacher, but also a Russian-English and English-Russian translator and Russian-speaking and English-speaking journalist. I’ve taught at universities for 8 years and have been working as a tutor and private teacher for 10 years. You can find a lot of my articles on the Internet.

A 60-milute lesson via Skype costs $10 to 29 USD, depending on what the lesson is – informal tutoring or a professional lesson. And I will check your homework free of charge in additional time.

When you pay for 8 hours or more in advance, the price will be reduced.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Don't hesitate to contact me via Skype or by e-mail.

Best regards,
Marina Kozlova
Skype: marinalkozlova
Tel: +998-94-652-45-76

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